Nashville DC's History

Nashville DC was founded in October 1991 by Drs. Huey and Patricia Newberry. Their foundation is the word of God and they believe in it in its entirety. By using God’s word through Nashville DC, they were able to do and be accomplished and have all that you see today.

Drs. Newberry with patient

Through great vision, dedication, and hard work by Dr. Huey, Dr. Patricia, and others, Nashville DC has become one of the highest producing and most successful dental offices in Nashville. By seeking to treat the total person through comprehensive dentistry and great vision, dedication, and hard work by Dr. Huey, Patricia, and others, Nashville DC is now one of the highest producing and most successful multicultural dental offices in Nashville.

Since its inception in November 1991, Nashville DC has had an internal drive to be strong and courageous in the dental healthcare arena. Founded by both doctor Patricia W. and Huey L. Newberry Jr., these two pioneers set out with a major objective at heart. That objective was to form an outreach type of dentistry where patients who couldn’t ordinarily come to the dentist could and would receive dentistry.

As a result, Tennessee Mobile Dental Service was established with its primary focus being the homebound, handicapped, and geriatric patients. Although this type of dentistry was very rewarding to both doctors and most assuredly the community, this service was phased out due to manpower constraints. With Dr. Huey Newberry being educated in treating this needed population his focus was to eventually reactivate this service in due time.

Through the years Nashville DC has become one of the leading dental centers in Nashville. Our patient population is so diverse in culture and ethnic backgrounds; that it’s forced to hire certain nationalities to accommodate each healthcare segment. On a slow day, Nashville DC averages at least 30 patients a day with a 65-patient day not being extraordinary. The philosophy is simple “if and when they call get them in now or the next business day”. Nashville DC offers a full range of dental services with expertise in handling volume and emergencies. With its dentists being proficient in certain aspects of dentistry, Nashville DC has become the ideal location for a majority of a family's dental needs.

In December 2003 Dr. Huey Newberry reactivated his outreach dental mission to strategically place Nashville DC in the foreranks as a dental center that caters to all patients. Full Spectrum Dental Center (noted for treating all) a subdivision of Nashville DC was established. Both being God-centered and based will surely prove to take Nashville DC to the next 50 years and longer.

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