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If you’ve been considering getting braces or orthodontic treatment to finally straighten out your front teeth or correct that area of crowding, it’s time to talk to our providers about FASTBRACES in Nashville, TN.

The difference between FASTBRACES and conventional orthodontics is that you can complete the entire procedure here at Nashville Dental Center in Nashville, Tennessee instead of being referred to a specialist or orthodontist across town. FASTBRACES patented triangular design and heat-activated arch wires mean you can enjoy faster results and less time wearing braces. Most of our FASTBRACES patients complete their treatment in under a year.


Yes. FASTBRACES uses modern orthodontic technology to reposition and align teeth in a safe, streamlined manner. They’re just as safe as wearing traditional braces, but the treatment takes less time. Nashville Dental Center recommends this short-term ortho option for adults, busy parents, and working professionals who desire to have straighter teeth without years of braces.

before and after fastbraces treatment in Nashville

Short Term Orthodontic Treatments

You may want to consider FASTBRACES to fix problems like:

• Gaps between your front teeth
• Relapse from previous orthodontic treatment (if you forgot to wear your retainer)
• Shifting teeth due to previous tooth loss or age
• Crowding
• Creating space for upcoming tooth replacement treatments such as dental implants
• Reducing your risk of gum disease
• Preventing tooth wear, TMJ disorder, or headaches caused by misaligned teeth

What to Expect During Treatment

Wearing FASTBRACES is a lot like traditional orthodontic treatment, except it takes less time to complete. You can plan on scheduling a short check-in appointment about every six weeks to ensure things are moving along properly.

If you’re considering getting orthodontic treatment or FASTBRACES in Nashville, call Nashville Dental Center to schedule a consultation. We’ll be happy to discuss any questions or concerns that you might have. Flexible payment options are available!

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