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If you’ve ever experienced a severe toothache or abscessed tooth, you know how painful it can be. At Nashville Dental Center in Nashville, Tennessee we offer in-house endodontic therapies so that you can access affordable root canal treatment with a family dentist you already know and trust.

What is a Root Canal?

root canal diagram

Endodontic treatment in Nashville involves repairing the area inside of the tooth’s nerve chamber or “canal” when it has been infected. If a dental nerve is exposed to bacteria (either through a crack or large cavity,) it becomes inflamed. Not only does this cause swelling and pain, but it also leads to a draining infection out the tip of the root, resulting in a fistula or small pimple along the gums for the abscess to drain. Traumatic accidents may be another cause of tooth death, resulting in the need for root canal treatment.

During a root canal procedure, the nerve tissues are removed from the inside of the tooth. Then, the inner chamber can be cleaned, medicated, and sealed off. Endodontic therapy in Nashville, TN is essentially like getting a filling that extends through the root of the tooth, rather than just the upper portion. Although the tooth is no longer vital, a root canal and protective dental crown can keep it functioning for several more years to come.

What If I Decide Not To Get Endodontic Treatment?

Aside from possible pain, an abscessed tooth will gradually darken due to nerve death, and the root will start to resorb (shrink away) until the tooth needs to be pulled. Adjacent teeth can become infected as well. Simply putting a filling over the cavity will block bacteria inside of the tooth, which can cause recurrent abscesses or facial swelling. In rare situations, hospitalization may be necessary. The only way to proactively treat the tooth and avoid an extraction is to perform a root canal.

At Nashville Dental Center, your comfort always comes first. Schedule your endodontic treatment or consultation today.

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