Dental Crowns
Nashville, TN

Crowns — sometimes called “caps” — are a full-coverage dental restoration that protects badly damaged, decayed or endodontically treated teeth. Unlike a filling that goes inside of the tooth, a crown goes around and over teeth to fully encase them up to the gumlines.

Our dental crowns in Nashville, TN add:

  • Integrity
  • Function
  • Aesthetics

back to your smile.

Crowns in Nashville, Tennessee also be affixed over dental implants to replace missing teeth. An implant crown looks and feels like a regular porcelain crown so that you can enjoy the most lifelike tooth replacement available.

Do I Need a Crown? Can I Just Get a Filling?

To repair a tooth so that it withstands normal biting and chewing forces, the integrity of the remaining enamel needs to be strong. Filling a thin or compromised shell of tooth structure will only predispose it to break apart further.

At Nashville Dental Center, we help our patients decide when it’s the right time to go ahead and crown a tooth so that it can tackle all of the pressure you put it through each day. You should be able to enjoy your meals with confidence (not worrying about whether or not your tooth will break when you bite down.)

What to Expect During Treatment

Getting dental crowns in Nashville is just like having any other type of procedure. First, we will numb the tooth being worked on and then gently remove the compromised or decayed surfaces. Then, the tooth will be prepped and an impression taken. We’ll carefully match the color of your new crown so that it blends in with your neighboring teeth. While it’s being made in the lab, we’ll put a temporary crown over your tooth to prevent any sensitivity. About two weeks later, you’ll stop by for your permanent crown to be bonded in place.

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